My Works

“I’ve been fascinated with origami art since chilhood. I feel extremely lucky as I was able to use it in my own way to bring my designs to life and make a profession out of it.

I named my new project as “Beyond the Paper Folds”, where each piece of paper, turned into an origami figure, forms a unit. Combination of those units, brings up a work of art.

This technique resonates perfectly with portraits, animals or human. They all have dominant colors when you look from a distance, but as you get to know them and look closer, you notice they all are so colorful.

My first work had to be Atatürk, founder of Turkish Republic. I wanted to depict him as the colorful person he was, on the contrary to how he has been presented to us all these years, with black busts and dark portraits.

I am still continuing to explore further dimensions and the power of paper folding. Possibilities are endless, my endeavor is to uncover as much as I can…